Vanessa DC Photographe Vanessa Dubé Caron studio photographie Québec

I am a professional photographer since 2006 and it was in 2009 that Vanessa DC Photographer was born. I have photographed equestrian events for several years in Quebec, United States, Europe and even Qatar. I am very satisfied with the experience I have gained in this field.

In order to have a slightly more stable life, I saw the light and opened a studio in Quebec City to expand and further develop my artistic abilities. I attended several workshops in order to perfect my technique specializing in portrait photography, newborn and marriage, including one in April 2014, with one of the best wedding photographers in California.

I love natural light. There is nothing better in my opinion. Let the combination of extraordinary light and my expertise capture your personal history, your moments of tenderness, romance and humor while making you at ease.